Saturday, February 11, 2012

Top 5 MCQ Mistakes while Preparing for MCQ-based Exam

A common mistake made by the MCQ novice is believing that MCQs are only a test of memory, and if you have perfect recall of everything you've been taught, you can't fail. However, although they do test your ability to recall facts, MCQs can also test your ability to interpret information and apply knowledge to both familiar and unfamiliar scenarios. Success in MCQ tests is not simply a case of memorising everything you've been taught.
Some of the most common mistakes committed by students while preparing for MCQ-based exams are as follows:-
  • Do not try to memorize everything. Learn with logic and relate information between different books on the same topic.
  • The most difficult way to prepare for MCQ based exam is to study alone. Studying in a group of like-minded students can be very helpful.
  • Go through the entire course of study. Do Not leave anything on choice.
  • Even if you can not study everything multiple times, you must go through it at least once and discuss with friends. You will surely recall it, if you see it in exams.
  • Instead of studying hard, you must Study Smart for an MCQ based exam.
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