Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Easiest and the Most-Secure Way to Access Facebook in China

If you have ever been to China, you must be knowing that the censorship policy of Chinese Government is unethically strict and unreasonable. Our dearest websites like Twitter, YouTube, StumbleUpon, Gmail, and above all Facebook are banned in China. You will be surprised to know that even the photos on Flickr and Wikipedia are blocked, however the text on these two websites can be viewed.

To add to your excitement, I would like to inform you that every personal blog hosted by Blogger, Wordpress, Tumbler and other blogging hosts is banned in China.

Before I joined Facebook and Twitter, I believed them to be sheer waste of time; however the story is different afterwards. At the moment I believe that I can live without food, water and shelter for 14 days but I cannot live without Facebook for 24 hours. I am sure that your story will be no different than mine.

During last month, I had to visit China to attend a workshop on Information Technology for a few days. At this point, I came to know that You cannot access Facebook, Youtube , Twitter and Gmail in China; thus I started looking for the viable solution. I wanted to get a solution which is feasible both in quality and financially.

I found quite a number of solutions including web based proxy sites, free proxy sites and Virtual Private Network (VPN) software and studied them thoroughly. During my stay in China, I tried all of these methods and found that it is best to use a VPN to access Facebook in China.
A VPN is a magnificent way for bypassing internet censorship imposed by China to curtail the freedom of speech by its citizens. By using a VPN, you can very conveniently unblock all websites without paying a gigantic sum of money. It is not only cost-effective but also very efficient. VPNs are extremely safe and secure. If installed correctly, a VPN can be your most-secure way to access facebook and other blocked websites from China.

Unlike other solutions, VPNs are very fast and instantly unblock all the blocked websites. Although you can buy a subscription from a paid VPN service but you can also find free VPNs easily by searching on the internet. Most of the paid VPNs even offer a 7-day free trial to its customers.

I think that such an irrational internet censorship policy in China is unfair to these mammoth websites especially Facebook. Facebook has more than 500 Million active users and more than 250 million users access it every day. Just imagine the impact of this website on people’s lives that users install more than 20 Million applications every day.

Does the Government in China still think that they will be able to block the access of its population to Facebook? What do you think?

You can read more on the subject by visiting a friend’s blog at “Access Facebook in China”. This blog is regularly updated and contains the latest information to access Facebook from China and anywhere else in the World.


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